Tora Arem Boys Back in Town This Month

LOCALS: Byron Bay music band Tora arem, from left, Toby Tunis-Plant, Thorne Davis, Shaun Johnston, Jai Piccone and Jo Loewenthal.

LOCALS: Byron Bay music band Tora arem, from left, Toby Tunis-Plant, Thorne Davis, Shaun Johnston, Jai Piccone and Jo Loewenthal. Photo Contributed

AFTER SPENDING half of last year in Europe and North America, local electronic music band Tora arem are due back in town.

Tora formed in Byron Bay in 2013 and founding members are Thorne Davis on drums, Shaun Johnston on bass guitar, Jo Loewenthal on lead vocals, guitar, and samples, Jai Piccone on vocals and guitar, plus Tobias Tunis-Plant on vocals and synthesiser.

Aside from electronica, they play a new genre called chillwave.

Since then, the quintet has done a couple of quick tours and festival gigs, spending most of the time writing new music.

Band member Jo Loewenthal said the band’s new songs will be more danceable and since Tora started writing songs as a band their songwriting has really progressed.


  • Tora’s original sound will remain while their repertoire will contain more upbeat material
  • The themes the band touch into have not changed
  • Lyrics are always in touch with what band members are feeling at time of writing
  • A new as yet unnamed album will be released early 2017
  • The new album will contain Tora’s favourites out of a pool of around 30 songs

Tora will be at the Byron Theatre on Saturday, August 27.

Source article: The Northern Star

Don’t Weed This. Eat It Instead!

Cheers to Mark Bugden for the heads-up on this article

Cheers to Mark Bugden for the heads-up on this article

COMMON PURSLANE (Portulaca oleracea) — also known as Munyeroo, Pigweed, duckweed and wild portulaca — is the most frequently reported “weed” species in the world. It can grow anywhere that has at least a two-month growing season.

Purslane was growing in Australia before European settlers arrived. Early explorers observed Indigenous Australians collecting the tiny black seeds to mix with water and cook in hot ashes. The flavour of the seed is much like linseed.

An annual plant and extremely hardy, purslane grows as a thick, mat-like ground cover with succulent stems, often with a red tinge; oval, succulent leaves, 1-3cm long, develop in clusters at stem nodes; small yellow flowers set at the nodes and ends of stems. Seed capsules are small, peaked cones, full of tiny black seeds, the size of fine sand.

Purslane grows just about anywhere from fertile garden soil to the poorest arid soils. A rock driveway is nirvana to purslane. It’s succulent characteristic makes it very drought tolerant. Purslane prefers the fine textured soils of seedbeds as in vegetable gardens or open soil areas in paths.

While many of us regard it as a common useless weed, purslane is actually more useful than you can ever imagine.

Purslane is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, GMO-free, and contains the highest amount of vitamin A compared to other green leafy vegetables, and it can safeguard you from cancer.

This weed is loaded with essential vitamins and antioxidants, vital for your overall well-being.

Likewise, it contains iron and calcium, which are extremely important for the bones.

It is also very effective when it comes to boosting the immune system.





CoQ10, or coenzyme Q10, is a natural enzyme produced by the body, although many of us aren’t able to produce enough of this on our own.

Used primarily to generate and carry energy around the body, coenzyme Q10 is vital for organs that require larger supplies of energy such as the heart, kidney and liver. It has natural antioxidant qualities making it invaluable for supporting good health and improving the functions of many of our organs. It’s also known as ubiquinone because it’s ubiquitous in the body – i.e everywhere.
Where it’s found

Meat and fish are the richest natural source of dietary coenzyme Q10 and high levels can be found in beef, pork and chicken. Dairy products contain some CoQ10, but are comparatively much poorer sources. Vegetable oils are also quite rich in this nutrient. As a supplement, it’s most commonly taken in the form of a liquid but is also available as a capsule.
How it can benefit you

Various health benefits can be seen from the use of a dietary supplement of CoQ10 in a daily dose.

Everybody’s response is different, however it has been seen to provide results in the following:

  • High blood pressure
  • Macular degeneration
  • Alzheimer&rsquos disease
  • Angina
  • Asthma
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Cocaine dependence
  • Friedreich’s ataxia
  • Heart conditions
  • Increasing sperm count
  • Kidney failure

Naturopath Mim Beim says:

We make it ourselves, but it lessens with age. As a supplement it is useful for cells that use a lot of energy, heart and muscles. It’s very expensive, so don’t keep taking it if you find it isn’t helping you.

It’s great for athletes to increase stamina, and very good together with Siberian ginseng. Also great for gingivitis and gum disease – break open capsule and apply to gums once daily.

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ATO Tax Scam Alert

`tax scam

THE AUSTRALIAN Competition and Consumer Commission is urging Australians to hang up on and delete tax scams after more than $1 million was reported lost to Scamwatch already this year, with over 300 people reporting that they lost money to tax scams in the first half of the year.

This is compared to 400 people who reported losing money in the 12 months previous, with $1.6 million lost in total.

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WEIGHT LOSS: Eat Less, Feel Full by Tricking Your Brain

AS OBESITY rates continue to climb, nutritional scientists in labs around the world are trying to answer the question: what fills us up?

‘How we can become satiated on good foods – in other words, eat less and feel less hungry – has become the big question,’ says obesity specialist Dr Alex Johnstone, of the Rowett Institute for Nutrition and Health in Aberdeen, UK.

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Jag Launch “World Class” at Elements of Byron

Elements at Byron has hosted the Jaguar SUV launch.

Elements at Byron has hosted the Jaguar SUV launch.

IT WAS described as “Jaguar’s best launch ever”. So good in fact that Jaguar Group’s product and planning manager, Brett Lewis-Driver, said the facilities at Elements of Byron allowed Jaguar to deliver a “world-class event”.

And it looked pretty spectacular, with one of the brand new Jaguar F-PACE SUVs installed over Elements of Byron’s 850,000-litre infinity lagoon pool.

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Shaun Macgillivray Named Uncle of the Year

THE MEN FROM UNCLE: Gathered to celebrate the Uncle of the Year, Shaun Macgillivray holding the sheild.

THE MEN FROM UNCLE: Gathered to celebrate the Uncle of the Year, Shaun Macgillivray holding the shield. Photo: Christian Morrow

THE BYRON Bay Uncle Project, a local group providing male mentors for boys without active fathers, has recognised Shaun Macgillivray as their Uncle of the Year.

Mr Macgillivray was recognised at last week’s regular fire side meeting at the Byron Youth Centre.

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New GoByron App Will Get You There

ON THE GO: Operations manager of GoByron Jason Pitt with Byron Shire mayor Simon Richardson.

ON THE GO: Operations manager of GoByron Jason Pitt with Byron Shire mayor Simon Richardson.

A NEW mobile transport app, GoByron, has been introduced across the Byron Shire by Byron Bay Taxis and Limousine Services.

Locally developed, GoByron is an app-based booking system for traditional taxis, freelance drivers in their own cars, shuttles and prestige sedans.

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Byron Writers Festival Founder Retires

Founder of Byron Writers Festival Chris Hanley's "genius" was to focus on Australian writers.  Photo: Natalie Grono

Founder of Byron Writers Festival Chris Hanley’s “genius” was to focus on Australian writers. Photo: Natalie Grono

ALTHOUGH THERE are no statistics, Chris Hanley is almost certainly the only real estate agent in the world who has started a writers’ festival.

Byron Writers Festival, which celebrates its 20th anniversary next month, owes its thriving existence to Hanley, a leading agent and business coach who moved to Byron Bay, the famous NSW beach town, more than 30 years ago. A Shire boy from Sydney, he had studied some Australian literature for his university degree, published a few short stories, and “fell into real estate by accident. I would have left 20 years ago if I hadn’t found something that nourished my soul”.

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Off & Running: Shire Mayoral Campaigns

Byron shire mayor Simon Richardson was on hand and getting sorted this week checking out the deliveries of the new organics bins. Photo supplied

Byron shire mayor Simon Richardson. Photo supplied


Affordable housing to be campaign cornerstone for Greens, Labor

Mayor Simon Richardson (Greens) has announced his intention to run again for the top job, and promised that affordable housing will be a cornerstone of the campaign.

It’s also a topic that will be a key issue for Cr Paul Spooner, who told The Echo that he also intends to stand for mayor and will be announcing a Labor Party team of councillors shortly.

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