Bay Locals Trusted Local Business Certification

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BYRON SHIRE in general, and Byron Bay in particular, are growing at a massive rate of knots, and Byron local businesses service millions of visitors.

One of the main issues facing visitors to Byron is how to know what business they can trust.

How Can a Stranger to Byron Trust a Local Business?

That’s why we offer a Trusted Local Business Certificate to Byron Shire businesses. Because it’s a sad fact that in a rapidly growing area there are sometimes businesses operating without proper credentials, staff qualifications and licensing.

The Bay Locals Trusted Local Business Certificate is available to any Shire business that qualifies under our examination criteria and pays our small one-time fee of $140.

What Does Our Certification Process Involve?

  1. Our evaluation process includes verifying basic business details like ABN/ACN, trading status, licenses and qualifications.
  2. We also require three local business references and their contact details. We ask these referees questions about your business’s response times, reliability, work quality and professionalism.

What Does a Certified Trusted Local Business Receive on Qualification?

If your business qualifies we issue:

  • A High Resolution PDF of your certificate which can be printed, frames and displayed in your office.
  • Three versions (mono, greyscale and colour) of our Trusted Local Business logo, suitable to display in all your advertising, printing, websites and all social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and the others
  • A business profile and advertisement for your business which we also run in Voice of Byron.

If you want to raise your profile and set your business apart from your competition, phone John 0414 955 743 to organise your Bay Locals Trusted Local Business Certificate

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