Reclaiming Tyagarah Beach & Lake From Perverts

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THE FIRST meeting to reclaim Tyagarah Beach and its adjacent lake from sexual perverts will be Tuesday 9th July at the Gondwana Meditation Hall.

Organizer Yuti McLean said the meeting is to discuss holding a rally to be held in support of women who wish to use the Tyagarah beach and lake without feeling threatened by sexual predators.

Yuti explained that many women currently do not feel safe when using their own local beach and lake, due to longstanding perverted predatory behaviour committed by an increasing number of men.

“There are still some men who are trying to suggest we are exaggerating the depth of this problem,” Yuti said. “We need to address that issue.”

“We need to address that issue.

“Also at the meeting we’ll be discussing the need for financial support via small donations, and the nuts-and-bolts aspects of conducting the rally.

“And there will be refreshment requirements and other logistical items to be discussed.”

Yuti has also created a Facebook page called “Grays Lane” where women can share their negative experiences at Tyagarah Beach and the lake.

For more information, contact Yuti in her Facebook InBox or post in her Facebook Group, Grays Lane.


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One comment on “Reclaiming Tyagarah Beach & Lake From Perverts

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Alister on August 6, 2016 1:49 pm

You know the beach is for everyone.

I can’t help think that there might be some men out there that might be frightened of a naked women too.

Cuts both ways.

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