Nude Byron Bay Headbanger Smashes Cop Car Window

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A naked man smashed his head through front window of the police car at Byron Bay. Photo: Supplied

A NAKED man has smashed a police car windscreen with his head, in one of several recent violent arrests, linked to illicit drug use.

Police say drugs like crystal methamphetamine are to blame and have warned residents against their harmful effects.

In one of three incidents at Byron Bay involving naked males, police responded to reports of a concern for the welfare of a naked man.

When they arrived the man ran to the police car and dived towards the windscreen which shattered on impact.

He then stood on the bonnet kicking the broken windscreen before headbutting and punching the side window.

A taser was discharged by police on the man as he assaulted an officer but it had no effect.

He was restrained by police and friends, before being placed under arrest then assessed by ambulance officers.

Two police officers were injured.

Story by Alina Rylko, Northern Star, The Daily TelegraphNews Ltd.

Read News Ltd’s full story here

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One comment on “Nude Byron Bay Headbanger Smashes Cop Car Window

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Mac Hawk on February 1, 2018 6:18 pm

The problem is that too many people have been mistreated by police and while most of us have had to grin and bear it meth amphetamines will let loose the constraints. I could have done with a taser a few times in the past when dealing with police, particilarly the onfamous Byron one that almost ran us over in a speeding unmarkef car in the middle of the srteet and then wanted to bash us for having crossed the road.

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