FROM FACEBOOK: “TP” Examines Big Changes in Top Pub

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The Beach Hotel, Byron Bay. Photo: Thingdoer.

VOICE of BYRON regular, AJ (TP) Watego, dropped into one of his favourite former Byron Bay haunts – the Beach Hotel – but found things had changed quite a bit since he was last there…

“Well bugger me,” says Anthony.

“Since retiring from bouncing I’ve only been back to the Beach Hotel twice.

“As I’ve got a week of holidays the lovely Floss and I went there yesterday to do some swamp-rocking too late for Woodstock and that was great!

“But on arrival I go to the top bar to grab a schooner of Tooheys and get told they don’t have it on tap!

“So what about a VB?” “No mate no chance.”

“Ok then how about a XXXX? He says no mate, take a pick of these other (designer label) piss was my thoughts, and of course I had to say how unAustralian it was not to have one of our favourite sips available.

“But never mind, my floss wanted a Corona and Cool. That was available so I asked for a can of Jim Beam and told the inevitable “No, only Bullet Bourbon” which I took reluctantly. But it was ok, so I gave over a red back and that was it. No change!

“Well obviously I’ve been out of the scene far too long. I thought buying a slab was bad enough but after a night at the Beachy, no wonder all the brothers take a slab to the beach or parks and consume them there!

“Back to comments about the Beachy… I went to the loo for a squirt, and bugger me what a grot-hole that was, with ants running all over the men’s urinal and with the stench that reminded me of the slaughter floor at FJs.

“Not to mention how thick the dust/dirt was on the window screens and everyone’s graffiti of cocks etc on the screens that haven’t been cleaned in years by the look.

“All I could think of was how Deli and Strop would be shattered to see the condition of their old pub.

“With plastered walls stripped bare and unfinished work that reminded me of the old public toilets of years gone by.

“Oh well it’s certainly not the child friendly establishment of years gone by, but more of a grot-hole for piss-heads these days.

“That’s my version, and a shame to say.”


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5 comments on “FROM FACEBOOK: “TP” Examines Big Changes in Top Pub

Avatar image
Julie on August 9, 2017 6:25 pm

Yes, I went there a few years ago and walked from the top of the stairs off of Johnson Street, wandered around and was shocked at the condition of the place. There was no ambience at all, and a supreme attitude from the staff. A very unpleasant experience. Thank goodness I have fabulous memories of a Sunday session to hang on to

Avatar image
Naomie Jenkins on August 9, 2017 5:24 pm

Yep it’s a sad sight… We were all proud to work for John and Delvine. Great memories of a fine establishment and staff, lots who still remain long time friends. Hardly go there anymore and it’s a far cry from “iconic” these days in such disrepair.

Avatar image
C Dean on August 8, 2017 8:14 pm

Sadly have to agree. The ambience has gone. The attitude is awful: drink up shut up and fuck off might sum ot up. So much darker and meaner. I Miss Delvine’s light touch cloaked in caring steel. Always proudly took visitors there. Haven’t for past 2 years. Ashamed of the place.

Avatar image
Bob Beale on August 8, 2017 2:29 pm

TP, you have just found out what many of us have known for a while now,it just aint for locals Mate, Del & John created a place that most of us were proud of and loved taking first time visitors their,the old early openers in Sydney in the sixties had cleaner toilets than whats at the Beachy now.Sorry you had to have such a lousy experience visiting your home town mate.Thankfully we all have our memories.

Avatar image
Keith Haines on August 8, 2017 12:16 pm

I was there in January , drank half a schooner and left

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