Diver Has Close Encounter With Great White at Byron Bay

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Vision of the shark swimming metres away from the diver. Photo: Gold Coast Bulletin

MOST divers would freak out if they saw a great white while deep underwater.

But Gold Coaster Steven Bock enjoyed another 40 minutes of diving after he spotted one off Byron Bay on the weekend.

Bock was diving at Julian Rocks on Saturday when he spotted the great white — which was up to three metres long.

“We’d just seen a grey nurse shark and I turned around and saw the great white sailing past,” he said.

“I spoke to the other guy I was with later on and he said he thought something funny was going on as all the fish disappeared.”

“It went past about 2m away and I had my camera out so I took a video.”

Mr Bock said he spoke to other divers who had been to Julian Rocks up to 1000 times and never seen a great white.

“It’s quite unusual so I consider myself very lucky.”

“I knew it was a great white but it wasn’t scary.

“I think it would have been scary if it was agitated but he was just minding his own business and cruising along.

Julian Rocks is a dive site known for the abundance of grey nurse sharks, and Mr Bock said he was hoping to see a shark when he went diving.

“While grey nurse sharks are fairly docile and great white sharks are not, I was there to see sharks.”

“I finished the dive and spent another 40 minutes of it seeing other sharks, it was good.”

Julian Rocks, a dive site located 2.5km off Byron Bay, was the scene of a fatal great white attack in 1993.

Source article:

Gold Coast Bulletin


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