Crystal Castle “Dreamer” Mortgages Property to Buy World’s Largest Amethyst Geode

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Crystal Castle, near Byron Bay, in northern NSW. Picture: Supplied.

THE “managing dreamer” of the Crystal Castle in the Byron hinterland has mortgaged his property to buy what could be two of the world’s largest crystals.

Naren King said he acquired the massive stones for the attraction’s 30th anniversary when a Uruguayan farmer, with whom he had a long working relationship, discovered a 5.5m tall smoky quartz geode last year in the north of the South American country.

“I’ve always had a dream to have truly inspiring crystals,” Mr King, a self­-described esoteric said.

“Nothing hit the mark until January. That’s when I flew over and was able to stand next to it.”

He originally wanted a 5.5m tall smoky quartz geode but his 28-year-old daughter Manya talked him into buying a 5.5m amethyst geode, big enough to sit inside.

“Manya, who I call my ‘Crystal baby’ said sitting inside a crystal is a dream, so I made a few phone calls to my bank manager and accountant,” he said.

Six months later and the 120 million-year-old crystals have been shipped to Brisbane and are going through quarantine.

The next step is a 70-tonne crane to lift them into place at the Crystal Castle which has been visited by celebrities including Princess Mary of Denmark, Chris Hemsworth, Katy Perry and Natalie Imbruglia.

Naren King and daughter Manya King with the world’s biggest crystal in Uruguay. Picture: Supplied.

Former ABC journalist and Byron local Kerry O’Brien is known to be a ­regular.

“I don’t want to share how much I paid for it but we did throw the rest of our mortgage at it – every cent,” he said. “I guess it is particularly irresponsible.

“But I don’t mind a bit of financial recklessness.

“When I was 27 years old and wanted to start Crystal Castle, five banks knocked me back until I raised a ­deposit with my credit cards.

“Time will tell but I believe if you build it they will come.

“We just create and acquire what we love.”

Mr King said the crystals gave him a sense of awe.

“It’s the creation of awe through nature and these crystals are the epitome,” he said.

“These crystals come with their own program, or specific healing energies.

“It’s no coincidence that the Pope’s ring is amethyst and the Queen’s crown is set with crystals.

“For me, it’s because they bring you into a space of magic and wonder.”

Byron Shire mayor Simon Richardson said the crystals were “beacons of hope”.

“I can’t wait to see them,” Cr Richardson said.

“It is only fitting that these beacons of hope should make their way here.”

Mr King said he was in correspondence with the Guinness World Records ­organisation to have his ­crystals officially recognised as the largest in the world.

Source article:

The Gold Coast Bulletin


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