Council Seeks Satisfaction Results

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IF YOU get a call over the next few weeks asking about your experiences with Byron Shire Council, please participate.

Council is commencing its 2016 Community Satisfaction Survey and is keen for your feedback.

Four hundred residents will be phoned over the coming weeks and asked about community needs and customer satisfaction on a broad range of operational services and current experiences.

Byron Shire Council general manager Ken Gainger said it was a great opportunity for residents let us know where we are doing well and where operationally we need to improve.

“Residents will be phoned randomly and we are aiming to get a good representation from throughout the Shire and across all age groups.

“If you get a phone call from our appointed research company Micromex, we’d appreciate if you could take 10 minutes and answer their questions,” Mr Gainger encouraged.

Results from the survey will be compared to the 2013 survey to help determine changing needs and assist with Council reporting at the end of its term.

When finalised and results analysed, the findings will be made available to the community.

Mr Gainger said that the 2013 survey had supported the need for Council to invest in upgraded community infrastructure.

“We therefore developed a strong focus and commitment to continually looking at ways to improve our financial position and channel additional funding back into fixing our ageing infrastructure.”

The recently adopted 2016/17 budget contains the biggest capital works budget that the council has ever delivered. This financial year will see $52 million spent on capital works projects for roads, drains, open spaces, community facilities, water and sewage.

Mr Gainger said Byron Shire Council is also committed to open communication and effective community engagement and the satisfaction survey forms part of this strategy.

He said that the Council was engaging with the local progress associations to develop ways in which the Council can communicate and engage more effectively with the community.

“During recent Community Round Table forums the progress association representatives have brought forward some great suggestions. Council is now working through these and will report back to the next round table meeting. A number of the suggested initiatives have already been adopted.”

“Identified community needs and satisfaction levels flowing from the new community survey will help Council to further prioritise budgets and services,” he said.

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One comment on “Council Seeks Satisfaction Results

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Jenny Bannister on July 13, 2016 10:41 am

Consultation about the Elements of Byron diesel train, it’s frequency, noise, vibrations, particulate,
Up to 30 times right in our backyards!
Nothing like the old XPT!
The new residents on Birder/Kendall are so new to town, and never noticed the rail line,
Of course, the real estate/developers kept it REAL SECRET !
We have all spoken with Elements as they have the lease on the rail line.
Of course, Elements are being VERY TIGHT LIPPED.
KARMA will come to ELEMENTS if you don’t help us get this monster out of our backyards!
It’s ruining our holidays and living green in Byron.

It’s upset a lot of nice people who have bought homes to live in, Rught on the line !
Couldn’t you see this tourist train, would harm locals, just fir tourists pleasure ??

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