Byron Police Injured in Alleged Apex Park Assault

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Byron Bay’s Apex Park. Photo: Geoff Bensley.

TWO NSW police officers have been injured after responding to a disturbance at Apex Park in Byron Bay.

The police responded to reports of intoxicated youths involved in an altercation about 1 am Sunday.

The officers began to monitor a group of teens for what was believed to be an unfolding ‘Breach of the Peace’.

Police observed a female standing in the middle of Bay Street, screaming profanity and threats of violence towards the vicinity of Apex Park.

This female was being restrained by an unknown male.

As the two police approached the female to check on her welfare, both Senior Constables held their respective NSW Police identification, consisting of a badge with police insignia and photo warrant cards, towards the individuals.

Both spoke with the female and the male, introducing themselves as police officers.

The police made preliminary attempts to pacify the hysterical female, however within seconds of their arrival they were set upon by a group of five or six males.

The group of males began questioning police involvement, before the situation became volatile and police were outnumbered.

Lawful directions issued by the police for the group to disperse were ignored.

By this stage, the two police officers were surrounded by at least eight males, they were allegedly assaulted by at least two.

The officers received lacerations to their head and face, the two main offenders ran from the scene, but were arrested shortly after by a police dog and handler.

One officer was treated at Byron Bay Hospital for his injuries.

Two Byron Bay men, both aged 18, have been charged with assault police, resist arrest and affray. They are scheduled to appear in court this week.

Anybody who witnessed this event are urged to contact Tweed Heads Detective or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Story by News Ltd.

Read News Ltd’s full story here

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