Byron ‘Gridlock’ Bay Set for Congested Summer

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Byron 'Gridlock' Bay set for congested summer. Photo: Muzz Sinclair

Byron ‘Gridlock’ Bay set for congested summer. Photo: Muzz Sinclair

SUNDAY 3rd July marked the day when Byron Bayites got a taste of what’s to come over next summer. Traffic congestion between the Pass and the town centre appeared to be as bad as it’s ever been.

Right in the middle of winter. Locals can only imagine what’s to come once the Summer holiday season arrives.

There many comments about Byron Bay’s traffic congestion on Facebook overnight.

Max Pendergast: “Got a text message from our son Jy who was bringing the dive boat back yesterday, “Mum and Dad if you’re thinking of doing a surf check DON’T, traffic backed up to the Pass!”….Bring on the Butler St. Bypass, that will fix it – NOT! But making Shirley St. four lanes, one to feed Butler Street and installing traffic lights to replace the three main intersections, Jonson St., Fletcher St, and Middleton St. in town might


Nick Pearson: "Have moved 100 mts in 20 mins, will be dark by the time I get into town." Photo: Nick Pearson

Nick Pearson: “Have moved 100 metres in 20 mins, will be dark by the time I get into town.” Photo: Nick Pearson

“Personally I hate traffic lights, but I hate more the fact that I can’t even get around my home town because of clogged up stupid roundabouts in high volume traffic areas. Come to Byron Bay they said, you’ll love it they said, you can sit in your car and watch the arse end of the car in front of you for hours ….”


Larnie Reid: It took Alg and me one hour from Lighthouse to the library roundabout at lunch time yesterday. Have never seen so much traffic. The town was in total gridlock. Parking along Lawson Street near empty. Staying calm was the key.

Kerry Baunach: “ONE HOUR TO DRIVE FROM WATEGO’S TO TOWN today. Traffic was backed to the turnoff to the Lighthouse at the top of Watego’s. No accidents, just too many cars!!!!!”

Muzz Sinclair: “Midday Lawson Street, Middleton Street still closed, traffic back to the Pass or even further, markets on. What is holding or why the stand still? Took half-an-hour from Clarks Beach to the RSL, now I need a beer. “

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4 comments on “Byron ‘Gridlock’ Bay Set for Congested Summer

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IC on July 5, 2016 8:53 pm

Mick Pearson – just letting you know so you don’t get fined or hit someone with it, it’s illegal to have a side overhanging load like your mal sticking over the side of the car. Check the road rules on the NSW legislation website.

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Michael van Kempen on July 5, 2016 11:07 am

As I replied to Muzz Sinclair (and many others I know agree), move the Thursday and Sunday markets out of the CBD area. Stop bringing more traffic towards the CBD, look at the first May weekend, Sunday Market, QLD long weekend and a swim. Instant gridlock. Why aren’t the Police policing the roundabouts to stop idiots entering a roundabout they can’t leave, therefore blocking it for other croos traffic?

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IC on July 5, 2016 8:24 am

Much of it was probably caused or at least made much worse because of the closure of Massinger St for roadworks forcing cars to go via Middleton St. If Cowper St had been finished to Lawson St or at least a temporary bypass put in for the roadworks period then it would have been better.
This coming summer terrorist period if you are not carrying a large item then ride a bicycle instead & you’ll have no traffic congestion nor parking problems. I rode my bike to vote and parked within meters the front door, not a problem. I use a surfboard rack and panniers for shopping etc. on my bikes and for me the traffic is not a problem. Plus it keeps me fit and saves money.

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Bill Silvester on July 4, 2016 11:08 am

All we can say is that we had the best of Byron Bay in the 70’s and 80’s. You could get from Watego’s to the town in 3 minutes with hardly any traffic. When we shifted home to McGettigan’s Lane it was a no problem to get to the town. We loved Byron Bay – still do – but could not consider living there again with the catastrophic mess created over the years by the lack of a forward-looking council. We could see the jam coming in the mid 80’s Action should have taken place then. OK in hindsight I know, but blind Freddy would have seen this log jam occurring due to the increased interest in Byron Bay as a great holiday resort town. Now with parking meters those who visit have to pay more to park. Consider the dive shops whose living depends on being able to park near their shops. Where do the visiting divers park their cars now? No parking problems in Alstonville – yet !!

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