Belongil Rock Wall “Not So Badly Damaged”

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AFTER: The "buggered" rock wall in all its glory after being destroyed by the storm.

BELONGIL WASH OUT: The scene at Manfred Street Belongil Beach on Monday morning after weekend waves gouged out the sand cover over the new rock wall and exposed the foundations of the new steps. Saturday night’s king tide saw water from nearby Belongil creek almost a half a metre deep cover a large section of Childe Street near Manfred Street. Paul Spooner photo.

BYRON’S million dollar rock wall at Belongil Beach may not be as badly damaged as first appeared, although the question of ongoing repairs and maintenance costs has not been resolved.

Byron Shire Council’s director of infrastructure services Phil Holloway said the Belongil coastline had lost sand at the Manfred Street interim rock wall as a result of the weekend storm event.

But from a preliminary inspection, it appears that the protection works held up well with the integrity of the structure including wall ends, toe and main armour preserved.

“As is to be expected with such a severe weather event, sand was lost along with the dune vegetation and the biodegradable matting that was part of the site rehabilitation,” he said.

“Some of the small rocks that were used to secure the matting have also shifted. These rocks are not part of the protective rock armoury.

“Staff will be removing the matting and small rocks as soon as possible.

“From a structural perspective, the small rocks are not a concern.”

Mr Holloway gave no indication as to how much the repairs would cost.

Source article:

The Northern Star

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