Let Nature Deal With Erosion

Earlier today my mate Mark “Mono” Stewart shared a cool video to my timeline.

All he needed to say was, “This is very interesting and puts in doubt the old theories! Let nature do what it does best. John Wright worth sharing on VOB mate.”


Posted by Beach Care Illawarra on Friday, 10 June 2016

How true.

Isabel Lucas Buys in her Byron Bay Heartland

Isabel Lucas at the opening night of the Australian Theatre Company's "Ruben Guthrie"  in Los Angeles on June 7.

Isabel Lucas at the opening night of the Australian Theatre Company’s “Ruben Guthrie” in Los Angeles on June 7. Photo: Paul Redmond

Isabel Lucas is no stranger to Byron Bay, having lived there until 2012 with her ex-boyfriend, folk-rocker Angus Stone, and she has now made a more financial commitment to the popular getaway by forking out $857,500 for a treehouse by Tallow Beach.

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Byron Bay Runners Regional Champs and More

Byron Runners

The Byron Bay Runners junior squad members

The Byron Bay Runners junior squads have had outstanding results already this season with two squad members, Jake Giltrap-Goode and Suki Alford, winning regional championships and three runner-up regional age champions – Sandy Byrne, Rufus Scott and Matilda Peacock.

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Byron Bay TripADeal Founders Dressed for Success in Thongs and Boardies

TripADeal’s Norm Black (left) and Richard Johnston favour a relaxed vibe. Picture: Roger Cotgreave

DURING a boozy week in Bali six years ago best mates Norm Black and Richard Johnston came up with an idea that would turn them into multi-millionaires and change the face of Australia’s travel industry.

Little did they know that this plan, conceived in the lead-up to Richard’s 2010 wedding, would turn into TripADeal, Australia’s No. 1 travel deals site.

“Norm had had this nucleus of an idea, we tossed it back and forth between ourselves, and that was how TripADeal was born,” Richard, 45, said.But, like any great holiday, the road to this dazzling destination was long and winding.

Big business in Byron

The pair credit much of their success to starting their multimillion-dollar global business in a town better known for board shorts rather than boardrooms.

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Byron Plan Adopted: “Exciting Times Ahead”

 The new Byron Bay master plan has been accepted.

The new Byron Bay master plan has been accepted.

THE Byron Bay Town Centre Masterplan was adopted this week and council said they see exciting times ahead for the town.

The new Masterplan features:

  • redesigned foreshore parkland
  • pedestrian prioritised town centre and a focus on placemaking and the public domain
  • reinvigorated newly defined Railway Square
  • enhanced village entry points
  • Jonson Street upgrade with a unique materials palette distinguishing it as the primary town centre street
  • increased local residential and commercial opportunities
  • connecting the wetlands around the Sandhills area

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Kale is a Bit Super, But the Rest of the Superfoods? Nah, Not Really


There’s a bit of good in kale, but the rest? Not really.

The biggest nutrition fads of the last few years have all taken huge blows in the last week. But will anyone listen?

Over the last seven days, a roster of myth-busting nutrition studies was published showing probiotics are unnecessary, GMOs are harmless, and a gluten-free diet is a terrible idea unless you really need to be on it. Basically, the only diet fad wisdom that survived this week is the idea that kale is a superfood (and, actually, it kind of is).

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What’s in the Box?


Visit the Byron Community Centres Coffee Box; profits go to local charity. Photo: David Young

IF YOU’VE taken a stroll down Jonson Street lately you may have noticed the recent addition of a small black shipping container between the post office and the Byron Community Centre. 

More than just another coffee outlet, the Coffee Box involves an innovative new barista training program that aims to help local women ease their way back into the workforce.

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Greens Announce Tourism Plan in Bay

Greens Senator Janet Rice (left) with Richmond candidate Dawn Walker outside the party's electoral office in Mullumbimby. Photo contributed

Greens Senator Janet Rice (left) with Richmond candidate Dawn Walker outside the party’s electoral office in Mullumbimby. Photo contributed

Byron Bay NIMBYs will doubtless be less than chuffed to find that the Greens chose the Byron Bay Surf Club to announce their new tourism plan yesterday.

What, more tourists for Byron? Surely not.

But the Greens tourism spokesperson Senator Janet Rice, who was joined by Richmond candidate Dawn Walker for the announcement, said the plan would ‘create jobs and protect the precious places in the northern rivers.’

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Banish Bloating with Pilates

This Pilates pick-me-up will have you feeling less bloated while also working your back.

Banish bloating with Pilates

Over-indulging in alcohol is obviously not a good idea, but if you do so on the odd occasion, feel better and less bloated the next day with this exercise.

Lie on your stomach and hold the front of your ankles. Brace your core, exhale and gently lift your chest and knees off the floor, keeping tension in the arms and legs. Keep your knees together as much as possible.

Do this gently and carefully. It will work your back, but shouldn’t be uncomfortable.

Sally Anderson is the founder and director of www.pilatesint.com.

Millie McCourt: Bay’s Brazilian Jiujitsu World Champ

CHAMPION: Millie McCourt has won the 16yrs Feather Weight division at the Brazillian Jiujitsu WorldChampionships

CHAMPION: Millie McCourt has won the 16yrs Feather Weight division at the Brazillian Jiujitsu WorldChampionships

BYRON Bay High School student Millie McCourt has just returned from the US after winning the 16 years Feather Weight division at the Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ) World Championship held in California.

“When I first started training I was 12 years old and had the dream of becoming the IBJJF Champion of the World,” said Millie, who beat competitors from all over the world.

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